How Do I Get Started?

It is Easy!

Just follow the steps Below.

1. Click  'Register Now'.

 2. Complete the registration form.

3. Upload your pictures, (follow the simple instructions on the form).

4. Click Submit.

5. Register a Username and Password

6. Gain full access to the website. 

7. Go to the Member uploads page and upload all and any pictures you have, they do not need to be professional. 

8. Take the requested five shots on a digital camera (follow the samples on this page), we cannot commence without these.

9. Commence using our online services, chat to our professionals, models and learn about the industry. 

10. We will review your uploads and approach agents on your behalf. 

11. We will be arrange appointments for you with the interested agencies.

12. We will sign a contract offering you a full personal managers service, which includes the advance for your book, cards and the continual work from us with no further payment or commission.

13.  We will guide you throughout and ensure that the correct match is made.

14. Once signed with an agency, we will guide and manage your career, seeking further representation in all markets and areas.