Our Services

  • Personal Model Management scouts will review your photo uploads and with their years of experience will know which agencies are right for you.
  • We work with hundreds of agencies worldwide in all of the major markets including London, Paris, Milano, New York, Tokyo, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Greece and more.
  •  Personal Model Management speak to the respective agencies on your behalf, making individual appointments for you with the interested agencies.
  •  We ensure that the you have a specific time and person to meet within each agency.
  • Personal Model Management services are personal and prepare you before the meetings and are at hand throughout to assist and ensure that the correct match is made.
  • Once signed with an agency, Personal Model Management guide and manage your career, seeking further representation in all markets and areas. 
  • Your membership with Personal Model Management is for life including the above and access to all areas of the website.
  • Personal Model Management also provide free workshops, seminars and photo advice to all                   members periodically throughout the year.