What Does It Cost?


Lifetime Membership with Full Service €25                               ®personalmodelmanagement.com                                         
  • Personal Model Management scouts will review your photo uploads and with their years of experience will know which agencies are right for you.
  • We work with hundreds of agencies worldwide in all of the major markets including London, Paris, Milano, New York, Tokyo, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Greece and more.
  •  Personal Model Management speak to the respective agencies on your behalf, making individual appointments for you with the interested agencies.
  •  We ensure that the you have a specific time and person to meet within each agency.
  • Personal Model Management services are personal and prepare you before the meetings and are at hand throughout to assist and ensure that the correct match is made.
  • Once signed with an agency, Personal Model Management guide and manage your career, seeking further representation in all markets and areas. 
  • Your membership with Personal Model Management is for life including the above and access to all areas of the website.
  • Website services - online chat room to connect to other models all over the world, a host of professionals dietician, psychologist, personal trainer, nutritionist available to you 24/7 and continual updated industry information.
  • Personal Model Management also provide free workshops, seminars and photo advice to all  members periodically throughout the year.
  • Once a member of Personal Model Management there are No further costs, No commission is taken, No expensive photo shoots are required, an advance is secured and you have the peace of mind that a well respected member of the industry is guiding  your career.

Lifetime Membership


Personal Model Management not only look at each client individually and know which agency is right you depending on your age, height and look they also provide a lifetime membership to all clients giving you 24/7 access to professionals, connecting you with other models all over the world via their online video chat, free seminars, workshops and one on one advice.

Personal Model Management are unique in their services , no other company can offer this to aspiring models, thus making Personal Model Management the #1 choice of Wiki recommending all new and aspiring models to contact them.