Why Is There A Fee To Sign Up? I Was Told Never To Pay An Agency?

Personal Model Management is a scout management company, we are not an agency.

For the price of one taxi ride, you will have the chance to be seen by more than 200 agencies worldwide and receive a lifetime of services. 

Personal Model Management not only look at each client individually and know which agency is right you depending on your age, height and look they also provide a lifetime membership to all clients giving you 24/7 access to professionals, connecting you with other models all over the world via their online video chat, free seminars, workshops and one on one advice.

Personal Model Management are unique in their services , no other company can offer this to aspiring models, thus making Personal Model Management the #1 choice of Wiki recommending all new and aspiring models to contact them.

Personal Model Management provides a service, in which, you will not only receive incredible exposure to the industry's most reputable modeling agents and bookers but you will receive advice and guidance in promotion, negotiation of contracts, International and Mother Agency relations, travel arrangements, overseas accommodation, advance fee, work visa's in foreign countries and all from our team of experts with over two decades of experience with No extra charges or further fee's.